New and better website for watching movies and tv-shows online

With the increase in the internet technology, you can watch anything around the web right from your couch at your home with a touch of a button using internet. Already you might have experienced by watching latest movies and TV-Shows online for free. Yes, you don’t have to pay anything using your credit card to any website or to fill out surveys. All you need is just a right guideline or a trustable website that stream movie links.

All you need is a computer with Internet connection and you can watch movies and shows online for free. You don’t need to spend money on buying expensive DVDs which just pile up and take up space as time goes by and you do not need them. Due to the massive advancements happenning, the video streaming capacity is amazing and you can watch movies online at the moment. is a simple website where you can watch movies online without downloading anything. has huge amount of links to thousands of movies which you can watch online free. Also, is a free online Films and TV-shows link catalog. You can watch Film and TV-shows here for free.

It has a catalogue and with its great system to filter results by year, First Letter, Genre and more. You can also order the results by Popularity and date they came out.
It does not host any video content itself; users provide the links, categorize them and upload them to the site and they are checked by moderators. So it all depends upon the user participation.
It has more than 2000 TV-shows, more then 20 000 movies and keep on growing, also it has movies and tv shows in other languages such as Spanish, German, English, Portuguese, Russian, French, Italian.
Once you’re signed up for free, you can add Movies and TV-shows to your “Favourites list”. The Favourites list can be seen by everybody, which makes it a perfect way to recommend Films and TV-shows to people no matter where. You can also comment on Films and TV-shows. Also, you can submit links for Movies and TV-shows.

After you "Signup" / "Login", the "User panel" menu in left becomes available . "Edit preferences" with this fuction you are able to make and Avatar, change your e-mail or change your password. "Favorites" contains listed the movies, that you choosed by "Add to favorites" "My Comments" is for your comments.You can get access to favorites, where you can make a list of your favorite movies and shows and show them to the people you like, like your friends, or view their favorite list.The users can become fans of the website in Facebook, or followers in Twitter.

The developers of the website are claiming, that the changes will not end at that level and the users should be ready for even greater versions of the website.